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What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is an investment methodology which uses statistical analysis of historical price movements to predict future prices (those crazy annotated financial data charts (see above!) that we always see but make no sense to us? That’s technical analysis in a nutshell). 

First introduced in the late 1800s (crazy, right?) by Charles Dow and the Dow Theory, technical analysis today is filled with hundreds of different patterns and indicators which have been developed over the decades via research and practical implementation.

Please know, the value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment, meaning, when investing your capital is at risk.

Disclaimer: At Evarvest we believe in making investing and investment education more accessible, but we don’t provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions. While we try our best, we cannot ensure the accuracy of the information we provide.

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