“To ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to access financial education and to build wealth.”


In 2016 we decided to create a tool to help other young and aspiring investors learn about different asset classes without having to spend their hard earned money paying industry professionals to obtain knowledge that we firmly believe should be taught in schools.

"Having seen others, my own family included, lose their hard earned money at the hands of ‘professionals’ cemented the desire to help. It wasn’t until my own experience with these ‘professionals’ that I realised the financial system was broken. My ‘why’ is to fix it."

Stephanie Brennan

Evarvest CEO

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We are striving to change the outdated and complex financial system worldwide, removing geographical boundaries and creating an easy to use, minimalist, all-in-one platform.

Together, we can make finance easy.


1. Learn

A free resource to help you start investing. Build wealth in shares or property in 20+ countries across the globe.

2. Invest

A simple way to invest in global stock markets from almost anywhere in the world.

3. Future plans: Bank

A global, digital bank that supports you to buy property no matter where you or your property investments are in the world.

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December 2018

Launch investment platform.


Expand investment platform globally.


Launch Evarvest mortgages & digital bank accounts.