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Our vision is to change the way the world invests, removing barriers to entry and providing education, to make investing easy, accessible and community driven.

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The US is home to the two largest stock exchanges in the world, the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. This makes the US the largest stock market in the world, and without getting too technical, it means that 85% of the world’s stock investing takes place in the US.

If you’re new to trading/investing, there’s one key thing to remember, where there is demand, there is growth. And that’s great if you’re in the US, but what about the 7.374 billion people that live outside the US?

I’ve lived in Australia, the UK and now Lithuania and what I’ve noticed is that the finance industry can’t keep up with the next generation of investors the way that tech companies like Facebook, Uber and Spotify can. That’s how Evarvest’s stock trading app was born. We’re for the next generation of investors, making investing as simple as having a smartphone and a good WIFI connection – the way it should be!

A lot of the brands we know, love and trust and more importantly believe in are listed in the USA, like Nike, the company behind our favourite running shoes or Apple, the visionaries behind the phone we use the latest tech apps on, but, there are also brands that we know and love in our home towns too, so our trading app is not just for the global investor, it’s for the local investor too.


Stephanie Brennan

Evarvest CEO

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